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EMS & Miha-Bodytec?

EMS - (E-Electro M-Muscle S-Stimulation)

With Miha Bodytec all major muscle groups are stimulated by allowing electrical impulses to pass through the body. It is a highly effective way of training. After only a few training sessions remarkable progress is noticeable in muscle growth, weight loss, centimeter reduction, and in skin and tissue tightening.

How Long Is A Session & How Often?

One 20 minute session per week is recommended & it is equivalent to several (5 to 8hours) conventional gym training since you are stimulating all major muscle groups simultaneously.

Benefits of One 20 Minute Miha-Bodytec EMS Session/Week

  • Strength Training with minimal strain on joints
  • Increase In: Body Tone, Metabolism, Fitness Levels, Energy Levels & Blood Circulation
  • Reduction in: Body Fat, Centimeters, Weight, Incontinence, Back Pain

    Is It Safe To Use?

    Is this training dangerous and can the current harm your body? NO.

    The use of low frequency current is used in training and rehabilitation therapy. Muscles are electro chemical organs and need electrical impulses from the central nervous system to contract. EMS technology uses this natural principle but is able to intensify the contraction by applying electrodes directly above the muscle.

    Does the Miha-Bodytec EMS Training Hurt?

    NO. Miha Bodytec works with a very low impulse frequency (Hz). To the muscle there is no difference whether the electrical stimuli originates from the brain or the electrodes - the muscle reacts with a contraction.

    The impulses are perceived as a slight tingling whilst training. You do however feel the strong contractions of the muscles that are triggered by the impulse. After getting used to the machine you will find the training comfortable and your success will motivate you further.

    Technical Explanation of EMS

    It is a full body training exercise using impulse current. In everyday life our central nervous system constantly sends electrical impulses to control our muscle action. EMS uses this natural principle and is able to intensify this process to reach deeper muscle layers which are hard to activate through conventional training. This is achieved by applying EMS electrodes to the skin directly above the muscle. You gain the best results if you workout actively while using the EMS device. Muscles are additionally stimulated through the electrodes while doing a series of low-impact exercises. This combined training leads to an increase of tension producing highly effective training results. Your trainer can control each muscle group by adjusting the training intensity according to your individual goals. With EMS you achieve visible and noticeable success in a very short time.

    Time Saving - EMS Training with Miha Bodytec?

    A general gym workout, including a warm-up, averages 1-1.5 hours per session. To see and feel results, you need to train at least 2-3 times a week which adds up to six hours or more per week. Many people cannot afford to spend this required amount of time getting fit and keeping in shape. With Miha Bodytec you only need 20 minutes per week to get comparable results to several hours of a conventional workout.

    Effects on the body?

    The amazing thing about this training is that all major muscle groups get trained simultaneously. In particular the deep muscle structures get trained which are not possible to train when doing conventional sport or exercise. Great for muscle building!!!

    When Can I Not Do EMS Training?

    Most people can use EMS training but if you have a health condition which prevents you from participating in conventional sport then you must get authorization from your health care practitioner. If you suffer from any of the below conditions please consult your doctor to obtain medical approval before starting with EMS training.


  • Heart pacemaker
  • Pregnancy
  • Severe circulatory disorder & arterial circulatory disorder
  • Abdominal wall- or inguinal hernia
  • Tuberculosis
  • Tumor diseases
  • Arteriosclerosis in advanced stadium
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Severe neurological illnesses (epilepsy, multiple sclerosis)
  • Fever, acute bacterial or viral infections
  • Bleedings (hemorrhages) & heavy bleeding tendency (hemophilia)

    Side Effects

    There are NO side effects. With Miha Bodytec the EMS training is based on low frequency impulses and does not harm the body. The body needs electrical impulses from our central nervous system, which leads to a muscle contraction and EMS only uses this natural principle in a more intense and effective way. There are no known side effects of EMS training.

    What Should I Wear?

  • Under Garment - Miha-Bodytec under garment will be provided. You can purchase your own if you wish.
  • Trainers with socks or training shoes

    How Do I Get Started?

    Book a trial session to get a feel for the machine & its effectiveness. At the trial session you can decide on the options to continue. Contact us for trial session or call us on (011) 682 1545

    There are very limited spaces available so book now.


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